Friday, August 1, 2008


You are free and that is why you are lost.
Franz Kafka


Cécile said...

There would be so much to say about this quote...!

Gabriella said...


thinker said...

Yes, wonderful thought.
Freedom carries a risk of taking the wrong choice, and sometimes it's easier not to be free. Some people even chose not to be free.
But as Thucydides said, the secret of freedom is courage. And with courage, we will learn to be free.

1) Mariángeles said...
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1) Mariángeles said...

Hi visited my blog, now I'm visiting yours!
Can I borrow this quote? I guess it belong to us's a shame that just a few people in the world know its meaning!
Let's spread it!

Grüße aus Berlin

thinker said...

Hi Mariángeles, I am happy that you like the quote, and I'll be glad if you borrow it!(I will also post one borrowed quote by Lewis Carrol here soon)
Welcome to the blog!