Monday, June 29, 2009

Used up

I want to be all used up when I die.
George Bernard Shaw


Robyn said...

Good point.

thinker said...

Hi Robyn, i totally agree.
There's a great quote by Miguel de Unamuno:
Science says: “We must live,” and seeks the means of prolonging, increasing, facilitating and amplifying life, of making it tolerable and acceptable; wisdom says: “We must die,” and seeks how to make us die well.
Have a great weekend!

mansuetude said...

they used to say this about someone i knew, that she lived so completely, she had to go early, for using it all up fast!

a great quote.

thinker said...

Glad you like the quote Mansuetude.
Welcome to the blog!

Joe Pinto said...

Tall order. "The mass of men live lives of quiet desperation, while here and there some great unselfish soul forgets himself into immortality." - Emerson.

thinker said...

Hi Joe, thanks for the great quote!