Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A new world

A new world is not made simply by trying to forget the old. A new world is made with a new spirit, with new values. Our world may have begun that way, but today it is caricature. Our world is a world of things. What we dread most, in the face of the impending debacle, is that we shall be obliged to give up our gewgaws, our gadgets, all the little comforts that have made us so uncomfortable. We are not peaceful souls; we are smug, timid, queasy and quaky.
Henry Miller


Robyn said...

Henry Miller's words strike a cord. I spent most of my childhood on a farm in the Drakensberg. No TV, electricity. It was a simple way of life and one had time to notice beauty in the simplest of things. I long for those times again and would happily give up the gadgets (maybe not the internet) for the peace I experienced back then.

thinker said...

Glad you like it Robyn.
I agree, his words strike a cord. Our gadgets really made us all quite uncomfortable.