Thursday, January 8, 2009

It must have been..

The first rose on my rose-tree
Budded, bloomed, and shattered,
During sad days when to me
Nothing mattered.

Grief of grief has drained me clean;
Still it seems a pity
No one saw,--it must have been
Very pretty.

Edna St. Vincent Millay (from Three Songs of Shattering)


Anonymous said...

how else could this depth of feeling be conveyed? left stunned by the truth of it... r.

thinker said...

Glad you like it, i too was stunned by her poetry when i discovered it.

Robyn said...

Such a beautiful photograph matching the mood of the poem.

thinker said...

Glad you like it Robyn. Have a great weekend!

Emily said...

I agree, well chosen photographic accompaniment.
I am amazed by those who find a way to convey sadness in such a universal way.

thinker said...

Hi Emily, I totally agree with you, her poetry is so simple and pure, and yet so beautiful and rich.
Glad to see that you're back on the blogs!